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Narrow Bandwidth Laser

 Narrow Bandwidth Laser is a high stable sigle frequency laser. it get ultra narrow bandwidth by side-mode suppression and diffraction limit, also a high power output. The design replaced expensive DFB, DBR, fiber grating laser, external cavity laser and so on. it can endure vibration, temperature
wave impact or other extreme work condition, keep the stability of single
frequency all along. It used widely in raman analysis, food etection,security
inspection., etc.


 ◇Ultra narrow bandwidth, line width <[email protected]
 ◇Single longitudinal mode
 ◇Low noise, high spectrum stability<0.07nm/℃
 ◇Fiber coupled laser or free space optional
 ◇High modulation speed

 ◇Power is tunable
 ◇ESD protection
Full solide style, compact machine size

Free space SLM Fiber Coupled SLM
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