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Fiber Coupled Laser Module

The fiber coupled laser module from Fiblaser technology Co.,Ltd,
it is integrated semicoductor laser and SM fiber.With the excellent
optics transmission and correcting setting, high precision electronic
control and solid module assembly, we provide high performance
laser from UV to NIR wavelength, CW or Pulse work style,the beam
shape are circular, line or 2D figure, perfect beam profile is suit for
lots of application in industry or R&D .


 In general, mechanical distortions in the laser cavity due to thermal effects cause directional instabilities
in laser beam, Typical divergency range of pointing stability is about 30µrad for Argon ion lasers, and
5-10 µrad for DPSS lasers. Comparing with this point, the semiconductor laser diode is an indeflectible
trend, specially, the predominance is more outstanding for fiber coupled lase. As semiconductor laser
diode has some shortcomings, make it hard to use: such as big emitting angle make it difficult to transmit; Asymmetrical beam profile and high stage mode make it difficult to focus; Delicate work condition (driving
current control, temperature control, etc) make it hard to control;
all the characters make it difficult to use
widely.After years’ laser work experience, Fiblaser Technology Co. Ltd provide the perfect solution for laser
diode's applications, it not only get rid of the DPSS & Gas lasers’ shortage but also conquer the limit of
normal diode laser, performance and application reached a new milestone. The characters as following:

SM/PM fiber output, it optimize the laser performance, yet the normal laser have the irregular profile:
LD beam profile
Fiber output profile
High power stability, the variable<0.5%
  Low noise, RMS<0.3% @ 50MHZ, BW 10 MHz, Gain 15000
  Solid structure and compact size, module can endure the shake with 10G,2000Hz  
Excellent collimating beam and high pointing stability, divergency<1mrad ,pointing stability<5µrad
Plug & play, integrated function, friendly user interface. High speed modulation, tunable power
DPSS fiber coupled module
  Fiber coupled diode laser  
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