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Company Brief

Shanghai Fiblaser Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who devotes herself to laser work
and photoelectric products business,
these products are used in biomedicine, semiconductor
industry, telemeter, laser imaging, agriculture, basic R&D, material processing, entertainment
etc. All the product channels can meet plenty of demands in different domain

The laser series cover a wide range from UV to NIR(360~2200nm), multi-configurations are
optional, such as Free Space Output, Fiber Coupled Laser, Array Integrated, Mini-seal Laser,
Wavelengths Combiner and so on.
High precision, high stability and reliability are our target.

Except for laser, we also provide some traditional optical units and coating products, including
collimator / focus lens, prism, mirror, wave plate, filter etc.

We can also provide OEM service and cooperate widely, hope the all-around selections can
help you to achieve your object more soon.  

Company Culture
      Customer is center, marketing is orientation, economical expending for the perfect solution.

Tel: +86 21 59167946       Fax: +86 21 59168142       Mail: [email protected]       Web: www.6614175.live
Address: 16building, 25#, 835 Jiaxin Road, Shanghai, PRC
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